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The new sports uniform fashion show!


Today, the school is going to launch 4 types of new school sports uniform design to the public.

All the designs are specifically designed for primary school boys.

Danpei was being invited to become the dress model for this event.

Now, Danpei will try all 4 types of new school sports uniform. Let's see which one is the best!


TYPE 1    ブルマ

As we can see, the first type is to let the boys to wear the girl's sports Bloomers!

All boys should wear their Bloomers with no underwear inside so that the shape of their penis and sacs can be shown through the cloth!

This kind of sports wear really make the primary school boys become more attractive and the sports lesson will be full of fun!


TYPE 2    ローレグ   

For the shota cross-dress lovers, we've prepared the low leg cut bottom! Basically, it's the bottom of a girl's micro bikini, but we found that it is very suitable for small boys too!

As the cloth can't cover the balls completely, we can see the boy's bouncy ball from the side, which is very sexy and show how vibrant the boys are.

Variation: ローレグ(トップレス)


TYPE 3    Boy's Cap

It's the latest sportswear design for small boys! With low restriction and produce low friction to improve sports performance. Now it's available in many primary school!

More and more primary school boys now become more enjoy their sports lessons just because of this new uniform. Boy's cap can let the boy to do sports freely but provide a basic

protection to their privates. (not include their anus...) Extremely suitable to energetic boys!

Variation: Boy's Cap (トップレス)  


TYPE 4:    下脱ぎ   /   全裸

In Summer, there's a special arrangement for the school's sports lesson, if the temperature reaches 30.C, the school allows all boys to take off their pants during sports lesson. If the

temperature is above 34.C, the school will even allow the boys to become full nude during lessons.

According to the school principle,  this is to protect the boys' health and  keep their body temperature at optimum, especially for their testis.

It is also the most convenient uniform for the school doctor to measure the boy's anal temperature!  

That's why every Summer, there will be many strangers stay near the school playground or swimming pool to watch the boys having their sports lesson!


TYPE X (Special):    マイクロビキニ    マイクロビキニと花(日焼け跡)    全裸と花(日焼け跡) 

The rare item for all shota lovers. (nose bleed......)   


Thanks for our cute little model: Danpei kun! So, which type do you like? ^_^