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   Dodge ball series

It's the most healthy sports in the world!

It's the Primary School Boy's nude Dodge Ball League!

All boys need to wear small T back School sports wear or even

need to full nude during matches. All boy's performance will be telecast throughout the whole country!

Now, more and more people like to watch this competition, and it's

so enjoyable to see groups of cute naked primary school boy sweating, running and jumping!

For Danpei, he is the most popular player in the dodge ball league, who got lost of fans! (Including some strange "Onichan" & "Onesan"! ^_^

Today is a hot Summer day,  Danpei undressed himself and providing "service" to his fans again!

What the most surprising thing is that Danpei even start peeing on the ground in front of public! This make all the cameras focus on Danpei's little penis!

Suddenly, the whole country's TV audience are watching the close up of a peeing primary 1 school boy, which also hits the highest TV rating at that hour! 

This also become the most beautiful scene in this match, and keeps replaying during the evening sports news! >_<

That's why it's always fun to watch the Primary School Nude Dodge Ball Match! Come on, Fight! Fight! Boys! XD