Kid's Gallery

~It's time for body check , boys!~ "


After the first halftime body check, Danpei becomes one of the few boys whom enjoy measuring anal temperature and

inserting objects into  their anus.

During each half time, Danpei will undress by himself,  jump up on the bed, spreading his legs and anus quickly

and get ready for lubricant injection and object insertion.

This primary 3 school boy even erects when inserting the thermometer into his tiny little hole!

Sometimes the school doctor even  make a piston action to satisfied him! >_<;

This makes the boys' tiny underwear all wet...


That's why when Danpei returned to match, people will find that lots of fluid  (it's the melted lubricant...) leaking out from his butt!   



He's getting so hard already, let's take off the tiny under wear for him!

Let's set him free!!