Kid's Gallery

~The Bunny shota bar~ 

Rabi was being introduced to work in a shota bar.

All boys need to dress up in bunny suits and wrap

up their bodies with ribbon! (N0~ >_<;)


"Um... is it weird to dress up like this? Everybody can

see my body even I've dressed up, and this bunny tail

makes my butt hurts! This .... this

is so embarrassing..... >_<;" 


"Of course not! This is beautiful especially for

small boys! The bunny tail can plug into your butt

deeply so that it won't drops and this costume can show off your cute

body line, nobody would feel it's erotic as all of you

are just kids! Just relax and enjoy this feeling boy!"


">_<:.......... Um... really??. Then, what do you think about this costume?"

 This is CUTE!! XD

Um.... I think Blue ribbon suite you more!