Kid's Gallery

 ~楽師修練2: (日焼けバージョン)~

After receiving a series of special training from Ojisan, Jin finally get used to perform and serving the viewers.

On the Matsuri day, Jin perform very well in front of the public as a Matsuri boy.

That day, Jin got a very beautiful sun tan body and taking off his clothes bit by bit by request.

Lots of photos were taken, including Jin's half nude and full nude photos! Some of these photos are being

shared on the web and some shota's porn sites! Some of the people even try to touch Jin's body, as Ojisan expected,

people are crazy for Jin's cute little penis!


As Jin's little penis is so young and sensitive, being rubbed and touched by groups of people causing Jin want to pee.

As Jin said: "Ar... I'm going to pee , I want to pee~!" Everybody suddenly got excited and quickly

grab up Jin's penis and try to help Jin to wee!

As Jin can't hold any more, a cute little water cannon shoot out a large amount of water in front of

the viewers, everyone were shocked by this erotic scene and some of them even clapped when watching this

wonderful scene! 

This is his first time to pee in front of groups of strangers,  lots of "shota peeing photos" were being taken

until Jin excrete the last drop of urine!


The event was ended in the evening, some of the Matsuri boys' fundoshi were being torn or being take off by force

by the crazy people during the chaos, the organization even received several sexual abuse cases!

(Luckily, Jin hasn't being raped!^-^;)


After this event, Jin gain an valuable experience and start enjoy being watch and touch by strangers, he also get

excitement when peeing in front of others! Jin love this feeling very much, and his promised Ojisan to bring

En Nichan to join the Matsuri next year! ^_^;




Extra: Jin is all wet!!!